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기관소개 About Us

We hope to make a world where children do not suffer from poverty.

Blooming Love by Leftovers's Sharing

10F Hantong Bldg., 46, Cheongpa-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, 140-879, Korea

Leftovers Love Sharing Community

Leftovers Love Sharing Community started in 1986 with the budget of 1,000 won, based on the principles of child-centered, field-centered, and supporter-centered, helping the poorest children in the most remote areas. We are the top representative of charity organizations all over this country, running a shelter for sexually abused children, supporting children suffering from physical abuse and lacking in basic needs for living,, education, and medical expenses. Our goal is to reduce our nation's child and youth poverty and to help the families in need in most nearby places.

Our center is always making effort to be child-centered, field-centered, and supporter-centered

Donation Commusity Dreamful

Dreamfull presents new dreams to suffering children and families by providing them with education, cultural experience, living and medical expense by variety of charity works on-line, expanding donating culture.

child Sponsorship Service

Child Sponsorship Service is to make sure financial difficulties do not become a burden in children's future but to let them have a greater vision to become healthy adults. We connect the Supporters who want to help with children in need so they could not only have the financial help but also direct, expert, and continual support according to each and every one of the children's needs so they may look up to a brighter future..

Administration for Children in Critical Situations

Administration for Children in Critical Situations is an integrated case administration that helps children in family violence, child abuse and neglect, and other critical situations by supporting them with according help, so they could recover the function of family and raise the children in safe and loving environment.

Support Programs

Support health and living expense

We support children with basic living expense and share charity services to help the families in need.

Cultural Support

We provide children with a chance to encounter different cultural activities so they could have beneficial interaction with the society. We especially help children who live far away from cultural benefits and children who spend their weekends without any guardian.

Educational Support

We help children to adjust well in their schools where they spend most of their times and provide them with various educational services to those who do not have enough money.

Set up favorable environment

We provide money to district child center facilities to remodel, install, and maintain sanitary environment along with teachers to make sure children are in healthy and educational environment.

Overseas Enterptise

We began overseas charity in Ho Chi Minh City in Viet Nam based on the experiences we had in Korea where we support children suffering from poverty by helping them to maintain their dreams and grow up to become healthy adults. No matter what country and environment they may be in, we want to love, help and support the children in need to achieve their greatest.

[Viet Nam support project]

  • · Engaged in aid project to develope a model for the child welfare center in impoverished areas of the city in Ho Chi Minh City of Viet Nam
  • · Supporting Ho Chi Minh City Child Center Program
  • · 1:1 child overseas relationship

[Nepal support project]

  • · Kathmandu Badikhel Children Center, Anna Home, Livingston, EPTS Seminary, New light orphanage
  • · Support project for ‘light a lamp’ and ‘Happy picnic for children’
  • · 1:1 child overseas relationship

1318 Happy Zone

1318 Happy Zone is a place where anyone can come and enjoy. It is an open space where people can make themselves at home, a safe place to be after school and during vacation, and where people can share variety of educational and cultural experiences to find and to cherish dreams

Community Children Center

We give a high quality protection and a chance to have various experiences to children who did not have sufficient educational chances from their family and community and are disclosed by a harmful environment or delinquent. We want to take part in working with the community organizations through network by providing an integral services like protection, education and care to neglected children in local community and by improving a new policy for all children to grow up soundly.

Shinweol-dong Community Children Center(Ongdalsaem)

  • · Ongdalsaem TEL : 82-2-2690-9924 / Fax : 82-2-2690-9926

Seodaemun Community Children Center(Ongdalsaem)

· Ongdalsaem TEL : 82-2-365-3020 / Fax : 82-2-364-3020

Ansan City home Community Children Center

TEL : 82-31-494-7936 / Fax : 82-31-493-8213

Eokaedongmu joyful Home Community Children Center

TEL : 82-32-582-1701 / Fax : 82-32-573-6295

Ulsan Community Children Center (Happy Zone)

TEL : 82-52-267-1813 / Fax : 82-52-267-1877

Mindulle Children's Shelter

Facility provides temporary care for children from poor/ broken/ crisis families and away kids. Children under the age of thirteen are kept in the neighborhood for care and continue to attend school till their return home.
We provide care for children and interventions with child, Parents and family that are integrated family centered approaches within the community to prevent family separation

Mindulle Children's Shelter

TEL : 82-2-873-8868 / Fax :82-2-873-8879

KB Education Training Support Center

We support child-care teachers who are the frontiers of this ministry. We help them recover and change through training. Also we continually try to support them to become professional child-care teachers

TEL : 82-2-3275-1265 / FAX : 82-2-3275-3379

Homepage : www.kbacademy.or.kr

District Child Center Central Support Group & Cities and Provinces Support Group

District Child Center meets the needy children from the closest place and we support it by helping the management so it could become flower beds of children's dreams. District Child Center Central Support Group is a charitable trust of Ministry of Health and Welfare, proving a variety of information to enhance the public welfare by building a cooperative system with municipal government, 15 cities and provinces support group, and local government.

TEL : 82-2-365-1264 / FAX : 82-2-365-1277

Homepage : www.icareinfo.info

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